Questions about Lace

Questions about Lace
I learned how to make lace first by studying 16th and 17th century portraits of royals, and by 17th century English translations of 17th century Italian manuscripts. Most of the traditional lacemaking tools I use are no longer made and unavailable outside of Antiques Roadshow, so I had them handmade for me. I use Egyptian cotton thread imported from Belgium. As it turns out, lace thread is also difficult to come by. 
Types of lace are like types of cheese. The variety is astounding, and vary by style, technique, place of origin, and materials. I currently know about ten varieties.

It takes a least a month to create the foundation that the lace is worked on, and several months to create the lace itself. I am not taking vintage or machine made lace and repurposing it to create art, or manipulating material to give it the appearance of lace, I am actually hand making lace and using that as the medium. 
I am always thrilled to respond to questions about my work, please try to keep this information in mind when inquiring about the price.  


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