What People Are Saying About Penny

"I like to think of you as a high priced call girl that the unwashed masses can't afford--like Woody Allen's Whore of Mensa. It's not your fault that people offer $10 blowjobs on the street corner. It's not an insult if somebody doesn't buy your art." -Alexandra J Walters

"Once Penny was making her own silk thread, and a midget appeared. Before he could open his ugly mouth, without looking up, she exclaimed, 'Rumpelstiltskin. Now get the fuck out of here.' Fairytale Over."- Beth Featherstone

"Penny can push a needle through a telephone pole without a thimble." -Shane Blaufuss

"When a man asked Penny, 'What’s the meaning of life?' She looked at him for exactly 3 minutes, completely still, until he cried. That man’s name was Steve Jobs."- Beth Featherstone

"A demon from the pits of bitch cunt." -W.C. Hurst

"pulitzer for you too." -John Lurie

Friday, August 20, 2010

Crackin' Knowledge Eggs

Okay Readers,
I was more than a little surprised that none of you stitchy comic book types commented on my new MrXStitch article about Blackwork.

I think I may have stumbled on an important discovery while researching that article, and I'm shocked you guys didn't chime in. So, I'll go ahead and get to the point over here.

"Close your eyes, and imagine finding this on your doorstep. What’s the big deal? Bear with me. Walter Kovacs came across the material for his “face” when he was… wait for it… sewing garments in a dress shop. Okay. And then when he goes to rescue doomed kidnapping victim Blair Roche, he finds her remains in AN ABANDONED DRESSMAKER’S SHOP. See? Do you get it? It makes perfect sense that Kovacs was a secret manbroiderer. Two of the biggest turning points in his life involve stitching. Ruby’s on to something. I’m going to write the New Frontiersman about it. Also “Rorschach?” Sounds like a Flickr name to me." -Needle Exchange- Back in Black II 

Uh-Huh. Now you see it, right? So this got Johnny Murder and I wondering, who else is a secret Manbroiderer? Hop over to the Manbroidery site to find out. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

*This is me pointing my finger at you*

Nice little article over at ReadyMade about our new boring revolution, and lots of props for Giggly Mama and her beautiful work!
Click HERE to read it.
*Cough Cough* Still accepting submissions, multiple submissions if you are so inclined.
Read the rules HERE. Check out the site, http://thisishandmade.tumblr.com/

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Part Two!

Part two of my Stitching N Junk interview! 

Click HERE to hear it! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

P is for Philatelist (AP)

"P is for Philatelist"
12"x12" 3 color relief print, Artist's Proof
Blue and black ink mixed with silver and pewter pigment.