Shisha Experiments

I'm too lazy to do my usual dissection of the pretentious meaning behind the piece, so if you're up to googling the titles, you'll probably figure it out fairly quickly. The only thing I'll add is that the titles of the triptych all have to do with triple deities in some convoluted way. It's probably not immediately obvious.
Anyway presenting Fetish Triptych: Cronus, Graeae, and Phorcydes
Fetish Triptych

Hand embroidered on brown velvet with seeds, elk canine, and urchin. 4" across
I did the tooth first and became creeped out pretty quickly. Then I realized I may have accidently made a fetish. Whoops.


  1. Amazing and very spectacular. Love them too.

  2. Really lovely series :) and fetish angle.

  3. Thanks guys! It really feels like trouble to me. Like I could never sell it, but if they were stolen something terrible would happen. I really creeped myself out stitching this one!

  4. These are seriously fucking brilliant. I just love the cardamom pod one. Embroidery with spices? c'mon....

  5. Ketzirah-
    Thanks so much! I can't really take credit for being brilliant though.
    I was doing research for an article about traditional embroidery, and I found lots of indigenous cultures that use seeds as decorative elements in their needle work. (Clove, Job's Tears, Juniper berries, soap berry... even pine nuts!) Depending on the tradition, the spicy scent of some of the seeds either attracts or repels spirits.
    So I totally ripped them off. :)
    The cardamom was really easy to use, the needle went right through. Allspice cracked and I ended up stabbing my fingers.


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