Learning About Tatting

I just wrote a bit about tatting for Needle Exchange on MrXStitch, something I know close to nothing about. So that was interesting. I did find a book called The Art of Tatting by Lady Katharin Louisa Hoare, and the into was written by Queen Elizabeth of Romania. I thought I'd share a portion here-

I thought this was amazing. This little bit really stuck in my head-

Anyway, head over to MrXStitch to check it out!


  1. Tatting. Wow. What an intriguing post.

    Excellent research and images.

    chief embroidery officer
    myneedlehabit (at) etsy

  2. Thank you for your enthusiasm. Glad you liked it.

  3. What a nice post! I do love my tatting! It is soothing I must say! If you'd like to see what my tatting looks like come on over to my post! What is interesting is that the lady in your painting is holding a very lovely knotting shuttle, but it is lovely just the same! :D
    (((hugs))) and nice to meet you!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Thank you TattingChic! I will come visit, and when I write the contemporary companion piece, I will be sure to link to you as a resource!

  5. Oops - think I missed verification. Just said to come visit me too and click on our bloggy friends' link (nearly 200 tatters!) If this happens to duplicate, just delete it.

  6. I hate tatting--the act of tatting, not the finished product, which is very lovely. I can't get into it, but I love the article. Women's History is such a rare thing--an honest account that much rarer. It's nice to know that women with my exact reverence for the art of self-soothing existed so long ago.

  7. my theory is that more women need to get back to some type of crafting or handwork....
    So much a better place to spill their thoughts than online ... and quietly, as suggested, so that no irretrievable harm is done (like at the quick click of a mouse in a hasty email!) ...sounds pretty good advice to me...but, then... it does't seem to matter how many years go by... much stays the same...


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