Check Out The Penises in The Bayeux Tapestry

No, seriously. Check them out.
I have a new twice monthly column at Mr X Stitch! YAY!
Click HERE to read it! This month's column is about traditional genital motifs in needlework, as well as the pants down people in the Bayeux Tapestry. Why did I pick this as my first piece?

Well, for some reason, people seem to to be accepting of the piece below.

As well as this piece...
But show them the same thing stitched and it's all, "The Horror!"
"Pervert!" and "You're just trying to be shocking!"

The question I asked was, "
What I find most interesting about this genre of work, is that we seem to struggle to find a context for it. Sexual representations, whether graphic or oblique, can be easily found in all art forms throughout history. So why does there seem to be an issue with it in needlework?"

So come with me over to Mr. X Stitch where I try to put all this business into context. And don't worry, all the images I use over there are completely G rated. As a matter of fact, it's probably things you've seen a billion times before.


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