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Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh the shaming. THE SHAMING.

craftMBA wrote a bit about the This Is Handmade project! Yay! We're all super famous! Whooopeeee!



You know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm a stain on the positive energy of the crafting community. It was wrong of me to start this project, and it was wronger of me to be so negative about it. I see now that it was not my place to sully these hallowed halls of shrinky dinks and chainmail. That, and I'm not a crafter.

You know, Megan herself tweeted not 5 days ago,

Yay? Whoopee again? 

But I guess that's advice for people who are interested in purchasing her "Work With Megan" package, only 100 bucks an hour! Not for little ol' artists like me.
Speaking of! I have a new opening on October first! Johnny Murder and I are showing at Redux Gallery. Check it out if you're in the area!

*****And I'm ALWAYS accepting This Is Handmade submissions. Don't Hate, Celebrate! 


  1. Penny, you crack me up! Just the other day I was talking to a work colleague of mine about something she had seen for her wedding on Etsy. 'It was beautiful' she said 'but it was so expensive'. It was at that point that I wanted to point her in the direction of 'this is handmade' to show her just how much work had gone into the piece. She had no clue. If she wanted cheap she could go to Claire's or do it herself. But if she wanted something unique and handmade, she needed to understand that that has a price.


  2. i actually find the videos fascinating to watch!
    it's nice to see the peeps from the internetty world i inhabit actually doing what they do - i did do a vid but i didn't have room on my memory card for five minutes :D

  3. NArf!!!!!! Angry crafters rock---now get Jamie to be the captain of the Angry Crafters RollerDerby Anti-machine :) You and Johnny can be the PR and management team!

  4. The biggest problem I have with they whole article and most of the comments is this- (I'm paraphrasing a letter I sent to Jamie)

    "No one's like, 'The filmmaking community is a positive space. Ken Russell is doing it a disservice, and it reflects poorly on us. I hope his popularity wanes.' You know? In all other creative endeavorers, there's room at the table for everybody."

    I mean, trade filmmakers for tattoo artists or sculptors or musicians or writers. It just doesn't make any sense.

    Why do they think that's true for crafting or artists who use crafting methods?

  5. Beh. To quote Beef's favorite-ist favorite, "Haters gonna hate".

  6. Well said!
    I think this video by my secret boyfriend also works. It's extra appropriate with the annoying marketing guy at the beginning.


  7. I was struck by the total opposite reactions in the comment sections of this piece and the ReadyMade piece. People are sheep. Especially people on the internet. They read a negative article, they are negative. Plus I think the people that read ReadyMade are a lot more art/craft/whatever savvy than the people who would pay $100/hr to have someone help them with marketing.
    And yes! Haters gonna hate.

  8. That's true, most of the comments on craftBS were negative, but I know a few people who participated in the project posted on that article, and their comments were never approved by the blog author. Too bad. And the one negative comment over at ReadyMade was posted after the "this is bad/craftBS" post came out.

    So far, people have been really excited about it. Someone posted the project on Etsy forums, and the response was crazy!
    113 posts, all really thrilled about it except for one or two people.


    There's so many things I find baffling about this whole thing.

  9. Wait! The Redux? I'm such a tard. It only says Portland under your name. The Redux is even well known up here in Seattle. Cool. Good job!

  10. Hedge- I'm going to be showing at the Twilight Artists' Collective up there in January with my husband. ( www.manbroidery.blogspot.com )

    Is that what that place is called? I'm a tard. I don't really know anything about it.