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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I just bought a drum carder.


Now I don't have to feel so intimidated by the 20 lbs of fiber I purchased at the OFFF last year.
Angora Goat Locks


  1. fantastic!! which one did you go for? does it have a name yet? i want to see!

  2. I went with the Strauch petite. The Strauch people were so nice! I sent them a list of the fiber I'm likely to spin, and they wrote me back within 24 hours with a recommendation for a drum carder. And they said if I sent them fiber samples, they would blend them and card them on the petite to ease my fears! Amazing customer service.

  3. i've heard that about them before - my friend sayra (http://hatdiva.blogspot.com/) swears by them. congrats!!!