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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Credit where credit is due-

About a year ago, the Sublime Stitching conflict with Urban Threads made it's way all over the stichingverse internet. Statements were issued, accusations were made, and people got shitty. I got shitty. I wrote a pretty vicious letter to Urban Threads as well as posting about the controversy here. (That post is now deleted). That's why I'm writing this. I should say that I do have both positive and negative opinions about the way each company handled this dispute and presented themselves, but I feel it would be dishonest to let my previous post stand, and to not follow up with the outcome.

Yesterday, Urban Threads posted their follow up. Apparently both parties have reached an agreement and the matter is now closed. Sublime Stitching has written a retraction of the initial accusations. I do feel like it's unfortunate that you can still find pages and pages online of last year's dispute, however information on the resolution seems terribly difficult to find. I was unaware of it until Miss Shaebay clued me in. So, in the spirit of disclosure and amending my previous stance, I hope interested readers will take a look at the Urban Threads post as well as Sublime Stitching's statement.

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  1. That was shitty and childish. I'm glad they've all decided that they didn't invent pinup girls or sushi. (I didn't invent antidepressants or the military, so I wouldn't accuse anyone of copyright violation.)

    Maybe we can have reasonable discussions instead of snit fit bitch offs on the blogs. Maybe not. Maybe we shouldn't blatantly get our toadies to commit libel for claims we can't prove.

    It's hard to know who is the kettle and who is the pot in this situation.

  2. I'm over it. From now on, I'm staying away from the politics of crafters.

  3. It's always a relief and wonderful mark of maturity and grace when folks can reach resolutions and admit mistakes. I'm glad this matter is settled for everyone involved.
    Now, 'nuff of that. Get stitchin'!

  4. I have an opinion on who is in 'the right' in this matter but it hardly seems to be relevant anymore. Both sides acted in ways that cast them each in a bad light. I'm not saying I wouldn't have defended myself in similiar ways (I'm a scrapper and I'll bite you if I gotta!) but yeah, it's really made me want to step away from crafty politics.

  5. Well, I had no idea that Sublime Stitching manipulated their evidence. I am just glad the dispute seems to be done.

  6. I was so new to the online crafting embroidery world and didn't really know either side at the time. I explored the issue but the vitriol, as well as the idea one couldn't be objective without being seen as the enemy, put me off.
    Glad it got resolved :)