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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Attention Spinners!

I need some help.

Okay, when I was using a drop spindle, I was spinning S singles and plying them. Now that I've been using a wheel, I've been spinning Z singles and plying them.
Here is my question-
If both sets of yarn have been plied, and had their twists set and balanced, can I use them together in the same project? Or will one skien being S's plied and the other skein being Z's plied screw up my project? Does this make sense?

Thank you for any help!
Also, this is my 115th post. I forgot the 100th.


  1. It shouldn't matter. Really. Make a swatch and wash and dry it first to double check. (If your are doing intarsia or fair isle, it might matter a bit, but blocking will fix it.

  2. I'm not certain, but I don't think it should make a difference especially if the yarns are well balanced. I think that alex is right and it might be an issue for colourwork. I'd suggest a small swatch to see if there's any funny business.

  3. I know that with crocheting, many crocheters prefer one over the other. I don't crochet very often but on a few occasions when spinning for crocheters, my hook-wielding friends have requested, I think it's z-twist. I'm not sure which one it was, but visualizing it, it seems that z-twist would be preferable. In the action of crocheting, one of the twists has the tendency to un-ply while mid-project, which as you can imagine, can be quite annoying for those hook-bedexterous of us.

    With any other project however, knitting, embroidery, what have you, by all means, both should work fine together.

    You should, however, knit up (or whatever the project is-up) and block a swatch for every project so it's definitely a good idea.

    Happy creating!!

  4. it makes a difference if you want your pieces to lay flat. Using opposing twists can cause unwelcome waves, shrinkage or texture. If you want the piece to be rounded (as will a hat, slipper or bag) you won't notice as much.

  5. Man! I love the internet! It's amazing that I can ask for help and BAM! Great advice from all of you. I really appreciate it. All this info is great, and you guys answered all of my unspoken follow up questions. The piece I'm making is just a plain old knit in the round sweater.

    briethebear- That's something that I had noticed with out really noticing it. When I was drop spinning, I tended to over ply my singles just a bit to counteract the unraveling motion of my knitting. I've noticed that with the spinning wheel plied singles, I've had to ease up a bit because the knitting action twists it further.

    When I start steeking, I'm going to be asking you guys for help, for sure!

  6. I find that Z spun, S plied yarn tends to make vertical ridges on one side of the knit stitch. Don't know about the other way round. Make a swatch, there will probably be a difference but you can work it into your design perhaps.