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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dear Reader, Help me!

So, I went fiber crazy at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, (see previous post) and I came home with hand cards and ten Lbs of Angora goat locks, (Mohair). After watching kabillion YouTube videos, I *think* I have the hand cards figured out, but not before I scraped the shiznit out of my hands.

The Dangers of Self Teaching
Sad Face.

If there are any Bad Out hand carders in the PDX area, I could certainly use some pointers.

Hand spunHand Spun
Mohair and BFL I hand carded and spun on a drop spindle.

Next plea... I've never spun anything other than wool and silk before, so the Angora goat locks have been a bit of a challenge. I finally got the washing down, and I carded it with BFL to make it a little more familiar to my hands, but it seems like it holds twist very differently than wool does. Does anyone have experience with this? Any Goat Gurus out there? Give me advice!

Baby Llama
Baby Llama spun on a drop spindle.

The Llama roving has been the least headachey fiber so far. There was quite a bit of VM in the bag, but it picked out easily as I spun it. Right now it's working it's way onto my loom with a Habu wool wrapped stainless steel thread warp. So far, so good, sooo soft.

I'm taking a break and heading back to embroidery for the time being.


  1. It all looks lovely. I've only ever done a little spinning with a drop spindle so I have no tips, but good luck!

  2. Thanks Nicole!
    I'm pretty proficient with the drop spindle. I'm just not used to the goat fiber!

  3. Ouch! I feel your finger pain. I have been pricked many times with those hand carders.