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Monday, June 15, 2009

Shame on me, credit where credit is due

I thought I was soooo clever when I started making these Embroidered Fortune Tellers...
Phat Quarter Anatomy Swap

Quilted Fortune Teller

Quilted Fortune Teller

Turns out I should have done a bit of Googling....
Embroidered Fortune Teller
Lynne Nicoletti

I really wish I had thought to search for these earlier to avoid any foot mouthing. Even though I didn't know about these before I made my own, I still feel kind of douchebagy for not immediately giving her a nod.

Granted, Lynne's appear to be cross stitched, and probably don't have dirty business Anaïs Nin quotes inside, buuuut, it does look like she "invented" them first, and I don't want to be an Shmurban Threats stealer.

With that said, I'm in the process of making more, and I should have them up in my Etsy this weekend. Current quotes contained are more Anaïs Nin, Ludacris lyrics, and other surprises!

Edit: Here is her official web site.


  1. HI Penny,
    Well, you may not have invented them but yours are quite nice and I like them very much. You have shown a good side by giving credit to the other site. Nin wrote, "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." So, Penny, you must have a rather large life.

  2. This kind of thing happens in the polymer clay world all the time. That's why I never say i "invented" a technique anymore. Rather, I like to think of ideas as floating around in the ethers, and some of us pick up the same idea in different places.

  3. Even though we made two different products, I felt like the fortune teller design was unusual enough to make sure she gets props for probably doing it first. (I can't find anyone else making them online)
    I mean, it's not like we happened to design similar pillows, (pillows being pretty common.)