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Monday, April 27, 2009

Do you want to come over and play?

Hey Ya'll!
We're doing a swap in the Phat Quarter group on Flickr

Here's a run down of the rules:
***Sizes- you may do an ATC that's 2.5"x3.5", or work bigger up to 5"x7". Pieces do not strictly need to be 2D, but they do need to fall into those sizes.
The theme for this swap is "Anatomy". You may interpret that as narrowly or a widely as you like.
Each player needs to make one hand stitched ATC. You can use all or a combination of fabric, thread, buttons, etc...things that have to do with textile art. I think it is okay to use paper as a base, if it will hold up well, other wise you would need to make it stable with extra fabric, or peltex or something like that. Make the design of the ATC as you wish. Also you want to cover the back of the ATC with fabric or the paper base, and add your name, date, email (if you want) on the back of the ATC when your finished.

It will be a 1/1 trade. You will make one hand stitched ATC to trade with another player. You will have a partner as soon as all those wanting to play sign up.
We will be going in a loop formation when it comes to who we send our ATC to.

For example-
1.aubribanana will send to ruffledfeather
2.ruffledfeather will send to glazedangel101
3. glazedangel101 will send to Penny Nickels
4. Penny Nickels will send to ColourinStitch

We will be using Flickr Mail to send a message to the person we send our ATC to, requesting their address. We do this when we are finished making our Hand Stitched ATC.

Sign up ends Saturday the 2nd, then I will post the list of partners. You will then have two weeks to mail out your piece.
So far we have about 24 people signed up, but more would be awesome!


  1. i'd really like to join up for this swap but i'm in the UK so it would take about 2 weeks to get to US - can i still play? please!

  2. That's not a problem, We've got lots of UKers in the swap!
    Just head over to
    and join the group and sign up!
    I'll post this at your blog to make sure you get the info.