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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do over! No take backs.

I'm wondering how obsessively people pick at their projects. Do you ever work on something so long you can't even look at it anymore without thinking it's totally stupid? This happens to me all the time.
Case in point.
I took a photo of a bridge in the Japanese Garden in San Fransisco and thought it would make a good woodblock print. It's 8''x12'' on Hahnemuhle. It took about a month to carve.
bridge print
I've redone it three times. THREE times, that's like almost four months of gouging, splinters, and hand damage. Why? I'm not happy with the exterior curved outline highlighting the right side of the bridge.
I'm still not happy with it.

Klaus on the top? I didn't like his eye, and part of his chin.
klaus in progress
Do Over!
Commemerative Klaus Kinski Stamp

ATC Nautical swap nightmare.
Before *Shudder*
dear lord.
After Do Over
Nautical ATC, 3.5x2.5 in.

Which brings me to my latest obsessive do over.
I recently organized a swap for Stitched by Hand ATC swaps , and of course I don't follow my own rules and get my shit done on time. Why? Because I had to redo it over and over because I started to think it was shitty and stupid.

The theme was science. Science is cool right? Lots of stuff to do, and I picked trilobites. They're weird and pretty and I thought it would translate well into embroidery, and 2.5"x3.5" seemed like a good fossil size. Huh. Maybe not.

First Attempt, Wah-ha.
Even more nope
First Attempt, Wah-ha.
Triarthrus Becki Trilobite ATC
I can't even tell anymore.
Triarthrus Becki Trilobite ATC

My hands ache.

On a lighter note, I discovered this on Encyclopedia Dramatica, and it might just be my new favorite thing in the whole world to be baffled at.
"Fuck you, I'm a DRAGON!"


  1. This work is beautiful and is well worth the effort. You work in such lovely imagery. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I totally believe in dragons now.

  3. That link is totally awesome.

  4. I love how it's totally for real. Even though it couldn't possibly be real. I've become obsessed and even found otherkin dating and support forums. Ha!

  5. i'm like that my work has to be perfect , probably no-one else would notice or even care but I DO !! Pity my art perfection doesn't follow me in my housewifery, i'm a total slattern but hey that's what men are for eh?